Join me, Kim West, The Sleep Lady in my “1 Million Mission” to help a million tired parents transform their sleepless lives by the year 2020.

Join me, Kim West, The Sleep Lady in my “1 Million Mission” to help a million tired parents transform their sleepless lives by the year 2020.

After helping tens of thousands of sleepless families achieve their dream of a good night’s sleep over the last 24 years it’s very clear to me that…..

The demand for well trained, accessible sleep coaches far outweighs the supply (like a thousand times over).

Consider These Numbers:

  • There are babies being born every day all over the world (all which eat, SLEEP and poop)
  • And 1 in 4 of them will have some sort of sleep problem
  • Our doctors get little training in sleep yet are asked to help parents every day. One report found that roughly half of all pediatricians don’t screen for sleep disturbances.
  • There is no institution educating or training people to be sleep coaches and the “void is being filled by entrepreneurs with no credentials” as one of my posts said.

I am on a mission to empower families all over the world and give them GENTLE choices in how they sleep coach their sleepless babies. So that parents don’t have to feel that cry-it-out is the only option to improve their child’s sleep!

I want to make excellent, quality sleep advice available to parents all over the world AND professionalize the field of child sleep coaches.

I can’t possibly do that alone. There are too many sleepless babies and tired parent all over the world. There are not enough hours in the day or days in the week.

This Is Where YOU Come In

In order to professionalize the field of sleep coaches AND enable tired parents to have access to the best sleep advice with gentle proven results, I created the

Gentle Sleep Coach Training and Certification Program

This is the most comprehensive program available in the world….I know, I have researched!

Since I created the GSC program a few other trainings have cropped up.

Here’s how the GSC Program stacks up:

  • The GSC program has over 90 hours of training and mentorship in the basic training program alone with ongoing continued education and supervision. I am concerned about programs that are only a few days or a week long.
  • The GSC program has a panel of outside experts who are world renowned.
  • We have a community of like-minded, supportive GSCs. This is invaluable…having done it on my own for years I know how valuable this is!
  • Led by a master level clinician with 26 years’ experience as a therapist and 24 years as a sleep coach and a published author of 3 books (soon to be 5) which are sold in 13 different countries in paperback and globally in digital form.
  • Ongoing Advance level (once you have completed the Basic Training requirements) where you continue to receive supervision, access to the GSC community and continued education from various outside experts to increase your knowledge and expand your business. We should never stop learning!

It’s very important to me that my clients get results and that the sleep coaches I train get the very best training possible (and that they get as many clients as they want so they can have the biggest impact on the world and their communities).

I won’t only be teaching you how to be a sleep coach, I will be showing you, supervising, mentoring you through the process of sleep coaching a family from beginning to end.


Who is the Gentle Sleep Coach Training and Certification Program Right For??

This program is right for you if you:

  • Are enthusiastic and passionate about helping others and want to make a positive impact on the world and the people around you.
  • Already find yourself giving out sleep advice to your friends and now want to be formally trained and start your own business.
  • Have dreamed of having our own business where you get to work from home, make your own hours and make people happier and healthier at the same time!
  • Are a doula, nurse, teacher, doctor, newborn care specialist or parenting educator, therapist or another kind of healthcare provider who wants to add sleep coaching to your practice….to enhance your practice, INCREASE YOUR INCOME and have another skill set for your families.
  • A parent who has personally had a transforming experience by using The Sleep Lady Shuffle and wants to now get trained and certified and start your own business helping other tired parents…even if it means changing career paths.
  • Wish to align with my reputable brand, The Sleep Lady, whose teachings and philosophies you support. I will of course teach you about all of the sleep coaching methods available (there are really only 4 cores methods in behavioral science).
  • You want to wake up every day and love your job! Like I do.
  • See this program as an initial business investment and you want to start a business right away as a Gentle Seep Coach.

Sign Me Up! How Do I Apply?

To accommodate the time zone differences for the interested coaches from all over the world I will be holding TWO LIVE webinars on:

Wednesday January 23rd at 8:30am ET AND 7:30pm ET

During these webinars I will go over all the details of the program, answer your questions and walk you thru how to apply to the program.

Attendees of the webinar will be able to APPLY THAT DAY with an early bird discount!

Join us Wednesday January 23rd by registering for one of the webinars below:

Click here to register and reserve your spot for the 8:30 am ET or 7:30 pm ET webinar:

You will be asked to pick which webinar you wish to attend on the registration form.

To figure what time that is for you go here

That’s right, all attendees will be able to apply for the program THAT DAY.

The first class is Tuesday February 5th. Don’t miss this opportunity.

In service,


The Sleep Lady

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  1. Julie Crane


    when will you be holding another class? I am a therapist interested in this!

    • admin


      May 2013 will be my next condensed program.
      Please make sure you are on the email list so you will get announcements about how to apply.

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