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Courses run 3x per year, Summer, Fall & Spring. The class will last 12 weeks! (unless it’s the summer condensed program 6 weeks)

You can fill out the application here. And then set up a time to talk with Kim directly and ask all your questions.

Approximate time commitment to plan for over a 12 week period is: 4.5 hrs. a week of class time with content to read, review, and work on (in-between classes).

I would count on 90-120 min of weekly class time (with **ALL** class content being posted on a membership site to review, read and work on in between classes).

There will be LIVE weekly Q&A classes for you to ask questions about the class content posted. ALL CLASSES WILL BE RECORDED (so it’s 100% OK if you can’t show up for a particular class).

There will also be a few live classes with outside experts (these classes will be recorded too so not to worry!).

I am offering 2 different payment plans. The full cost of the program is outlined on the Program Overview page. 

On this page, I outline the cost of the program, the EARLY BIRD DISCOUNT and review the application process.

Yes it will! This is a registered certification program. Even a 3 month training is not enough! I will be training you and then supervising and mentoring you through the years of your practice.

I will teach you about the 3 main methods of sleep training (and a few other offshoots)! There really aren’t that many ways to change behavior. Parents will ask you about the theories and books out there so you need to be well versed. I will also have 2 medical doctors, two lactation counselors, a psychologist who specializes in postpartum depression, an occupational therapist and an attorney teaching you on their specialties. If you haven’t already done so, review the program curriculum here.

That’s A-OK! I have created an additional program that will include everything you need to get your business up and running, and ready to start taking paid clients right after you pass your exams. You can read all about my Done-for-You Business Marketing program here.