Learn the ONLY respectful, inclusive, and evidence-based baby sleep training method from the creator herself, so you can…

THRIVE as a Certified
Gentle Sleep Coach®!

Join an international family of Gentle Sleep Coaches® that CARE
about the quality of a child’s sleep, the wellbeing of the caregivers,
and provide top-notch support to ensure your coaching success!


#1 Most Recognized
       Sleep Coach Trainer

Next Certification Training Begins: September 2024

We’re Accepting Applications!

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Taught by the creator of the only alternative to the various cry-it-out methods, our valuable, respectful, and inclusive solution supports healthy attachment, and accommodates all medical, temperament, or developmental challenges tired parents face.

And while we will teach the other approaches in sleep coaching and how to combine and customize them to each individual value... we will always take agentle approach.

The Gentle Sleep Coach Training and Certification Program is the PERFECT choice for you if...

  • You align with the gentle sleep philosophy and believe in respectful, evidence-based solutions that work!
  • You’re ready to create a successful business while having a big impact on the families you serve!
  • You dream of building a flexible business that works around YOUR schedule!
  • You value ongoing mentorship, business support, and marketing to ensure you can reach your goals and help every family you work with!
  • You’re ready to go all-in on your dream of working with families and making a difference in the world every single day!

The FIRST and MOST comprehensive Gentle Sleep Coaching Certification available!

Our advanced, evidence-based, and gentle sleep training philosophy is the answer for families who want a good night’s rest.

Founded by Kim West, a licensed family therapist, and created by a team of child development and pediatric
sleep experts, The GSC® Certification is the most comprehensive, in-depth training available.

If you want to help families — we want you to apply!

No matter your background, you can become a Certified Gentle Sleep Coach. We have worked with everyone from
highly seasoned children specialists to those just starting out!

  • Certified Lactation Specialists
  • Pediatricians
  • Doulas
  • Registered Nurses
  • Social Workers
  • Family and Children Therapists
  • People with NO healthcare experience!
    (but a passion for helping others!)

You will qualify based on your COMMITMENT, approach to helping babies and families, and shared values in continued education and improvement — NOT your experience or background

We’re Accepting Applications!

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The Gentle Sleep Methodology that CHANGED the Industry

Our premier method of gentle sleep coaching created by Kim West, foundly called The Sleep Lady Shuffle (or what we
call in behavioral science “Parental Fading,” is based on gentle, proven strategies that supports restful sleep for all, while
fostering healthy parent and child attachment and bonding.


…Aka Cry It Out.

Basically, you leave your baby in their crib and NEVER check on them if they are crying. This was the only baby sleep solution available until 1985. There are a few providers still promoting this outdated method today.

Graduated Extinction

…Aka the Ferber Method
Or Controlled Crying.

Parents put their baby in the crib and leave. They can check on the baby in timed intervals. Consultants vary on what is "allowed" when it comes to how frequently parents are “allowed” to check. This is the most widely used form of sleep training to date.

Parental Fading
(You Are HERE)

…Aka The Shuffle.

Founded by Kim West, this breakthrough method of baby sleep support is the only gentle sleep training (we like to call it coaching) option that sets the stage for healthy sleep and attachment throughout a lifetime.

Parents are looking for a gentle alternative to traditional, extinction-based sleep training…
BUT sleep training is never one-size-fits-all.

We don’t ONLY teach The Shuffle. We also will discuss graduated extinction and
how to modify it to a gentler, more baby-led approach.

One that respects and nurtures healthy parent-child attachment, and
encompasses the emotional wellbeing of all involved.

However, we DO NOT sleep train newborns. There is ZERO science to support that
they are ready.

we teach
 more than
 one method

How does the Gentle Sleep Coach® certification compare with other programs?

The GSC® Certification

  • 1st Comprehensive Sleep Training Program in the World
  • Kim West is #1 Most Recognized Sleep Coach Trainer and Industry Founder with 25+ years of experience
  • Learn from the creator of this proven method.
  • Largest Sleep Coach Community Online
  • Gentle, customizable methods families dream of
  • Leading evidence-based research by a team of accredited pediatric experts
  • Over 90+ hours of instruction & mentoring from “Shuffle” creator Kim West and our Expert Faculty
  • Additional specialty training certifications on Newborns and older children
  • FREE, yearly continuing education classes
  • One full year of advanced mentorship and continuing certification available
  • Business and marketing opportunities within the largest worldwide community of Certified Sleep Consultants

Other Sleep Coaching Programs

  • Are just copycats of this method --
    repackaged with a different name.
  • One size fits all approaches that do not work for children with physiological, or developmental differences…not to mention temperament!
  • Unrecognized, or unproven baby sleep methodology
  • Many do not feature a qualified, expert panel
  • Only baby sleep is covered, leaving parents struggling with sleep regressions past age 3
  • Does not offer continuing education or mentorship
  • No built-in networking opportunities or ongoing community support

what they say...


“It was the best career decision I have ever made.”

In 2012, I enrolled in Kim West's Gentle Sleep Consultant (GSC) certification program, and it was the best career decision I have ever made. 

Not only is the content in the program comprehensive, but the
 ongoing support is what makes all the difference. When you join the GSC team, you not only get continued education after the certification program, but you get a community of sleep coaches to support you. 

If you are considering being a sleep coach, you will be so glad you chose the GSC program!

—Jen Varela

Next Certification Training Begins: September 2024

We’re Accepting Applications!

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Meet The Gentle Sleep Coaching Dream Team!

Kim West, AKA The Sleep Lady® is a
mother of two daughters and has personally
helped over 20,000 tired parents all over
the world get a good night’s sleep… without
letting their children cry it out alone.

Kim started her 25+ year journey as an overworked, exhausted
parent with a daughter who would not sleep! But she wanted a
gentler approach to the typical cry-it-out method.

When she couldn’t find the alternative she imagined, she created
her own! And gently helped her first daughter get to sleep.

Friends and friends of friends began calling Kim for sleep help.

Dedicated to providing tired parents with excellent sleep advice and coaching Kim
knew she could not help everyone herself…

She started the Gentle Sleep Coach® Training and Certification program in 2010—the first and most comprehensive training program in the world!

Read more about the founder's story


Author of

The Newborn Twins Sleep Guide_Cover_For Web
TheSleepLady'sGoodNight_PB (1)

“I have ONE mission: To provide families with evidence-based, gentle alternatives so they
can respectfully care for their children… and get a good night's sleep!”

—Kim West, AKA The Sleep Lady

Our Expert Pediatric Sleep Consultant Faculty:


Shoshana Bennett, Ph.D. (Dr. Shosh) has helped pioneer the field of maternal mental health in the U.S.

She founded and led national and international organizations, educating professionals and the public for the last three decades. She has helped over 20,000 women worldwide.


Lewis J. Kass, MD is a
Yale-trained, board-certified pediatric pulmonologist and sleep medicine specialist specializing in pediatric respiratory medicine and sleep disorders.

He is in private practice in Westchester NY and the Pediatric Sleep Medicine Director of the Sleep Disorders Center at Norwalk Hospital in Norwalk, Connecticut.


Lindsey Biel, OTR/L is a pediatric occupational therapist and
co-author of the award-winning book- Raising a Sensory Smart Child: The Definitive Handbook for Helping Your Child with Sensory Processing Issues, and the author of Sensory Processing Challenges: Effective Clinical Work with Kids & Teens. She teaches workshops to parents, teachers, therapists, doctors, and other professionals across the country.


Anthony Loizides, MD completed his fellowship in pediatric gastroenterology at Harvard Medical School.

He has over 20 publications in original research as well as invited reviews, chapters, and editorials. He has been at the Children’s Hospital at Montefiore since 2004.


Laura Possessky, Esq. is an attorney who focuses on entrepreneurship, branding, content and licensing, media and intellectual property law, and public interest.

She is also a DC Bar Leader.


Catherine Trebble MBA is Principal of Support Your Brilliance (SYB), a full-service website solutions provider.

She is an expert at designing and building websites that generate more clients for service providers.


Heather Gray A trained therapist with more than 20 years of experience, Heather Gray specializes in helping business owners prevent, manage and recover from burnout.

By prioritizing confident decision making, effective leadership, and clear communication, owners improve their mindset and feel more in control of their businesses.


Courtney Zentz, CLC Founder of Tiny Transitions Sleep Consulting, Courtney is an award-winning speaker, author and Pediatric Sleep Expert. Courtney launched Sleep Coach Success Lab where she provides mentoring and business coaching to other sleep consultants looking to take their business to the next level.

Adding the Success Lab to the Tiny Transitions portfolio, has allowed Courtney to meld her passion for sleep coaching with her love of business into a program to help others successfully grow their businesses.


Nadia Posada is a PR and Communications specialist with experience working in an international environment with various industries.

She helps clients gain wins in top publications and podcasts. She offers her optimistic tips and tricks to GSC coaches for longterm growth and profitability.

Kim and her Coaches Have Been Seen On:


Your Journey as a Gentle Sleep Coach® 

You’re about to embark on an interactive, online program that offers 90+ hours of training content from our expert panel… Plus, the personalized mentorship to give you everything you need to start and scale your business as an Expert Gentle Sleep Consultant.


Watch Our Evidence-Based Training

(Our trainings are in depth, but easy to digest, follow, and retain!)


Complete All Exams

(Solidify your education so you can apply it in the field.)


Work with 3 Pro Bono Clients

(Get the practice you need in a safe, supportive environment.)


Become a Certified Gentle Sleep Coach

(Help any family AND grow a successful business with 100% confidence.)


Maintain Your Certification

(Ongoing education helps you, helps families, and brings credibility to our field!)

Next Certification Training Begins: September 2024

We’re Accepting Applications!

Want an Early Bird Discount?

what they say...


“Over the past decade, I have grown my business from scratch and now I have a very successful coaching practice.”

It has been over 10 years and I am incredibly proud to be one of the first 50 trained and certified Gentle Sleep Coaches is in the USA. 

Over the past decade, I have grown my business from scratch and now I have a very successful coaching practice. I have also lived in four US cities during this time which means this career has the added benefit of being incredibly portable.

All the while, I have been doing what I love and helping families achieve beautiful, blissful sleep. 

The Gentle Sleep Coach program and community is unique in that you are mentored by Kim West and and her trusted expert colleagues as well as supported by a worldwide community of incredible fellow Gentle Sleep Coaches. I have always considered the GSC one program to be
 the “Harvard“ of all Sleep Coaching certification programs. GSC coaches receive the most comprehensive training and support to be successful!

—Joanna Clark

You will then Join the Advanced Mentorship Community

We know that one of the most common concerns of new coaches is not being able to help a family…

And after 12 years training GSCs, we know that you need support from colleagues to talk business and stay on top of the latest research...

So we’ve included your first year of The Advanced Mentorship Program in your initial investment.

ongoing support
and education

The Advanced Mentorship Program:

After training people for 12+ years, we know that confidence and skills in running a business and helping families are the two biggest hurdles for coaches. So the advanced program is the
long-term solution to support you through all of the challenges new sleep coaches (and new business owners) face!

Our goal is to professionalize the field and prepare for potential regulation. Which is why we
require 6 hours of continued education and access to mentorship to keep your certification

  • Community of Coaches 
    Get ongoing access to the membership site AND the community social network, which 
    has proven to be invaluable to the current Gentle Sleep Coaches.
  • Direct Access to Kim + Our 0-5 Month Old Faculty 
    Continued Clinical Group Mentorship (where you can present cases and ask business 
    questions). Be confident that you can always figure out how to help a family when you’re 
  • Continuing Education 
    4 free LIVE classes a year will be offered so you are always learning and keeping on top of 
    new research and topics related to gentle sleep training. All classes are recorded and 
    added to our library of recorded trainings!

Building & marketing your business
can be built right in!


Everything you need to run your business is included in our GSC Client Attraction System:

  1. Custom Logo Design
  2. Branded Website with SEO + Hosting
  3. Social Media Setup and Branded Posts
  4. Custom Email Address and Pre-Loaded Email Automation
  5. Lead Generation Setup
  6. Scheduling Tools, Payment Processing, Course, Membership, Affiliate Links, and So Much More!
  7. Your Own Mobile App Where You Can Receive & Respond to Messages from ALL Your Channels

The Gentle Sleep Coach Client Attraction System!


Because Gentle Sleep Coaches shouldn't have to lose sleep over their marketing...

From your website to email marketing to text chat to social media, our business experts will ensure you have ALL the parts in place to create a thriving, scaleable business.

Business and marketing expenses can add up quickly! From website design and hosting, to your email marketing, customer CRM, and appointment scheduler - you can easily spend over $900 per month on the platforms and subscriptions needed to run your own business.

The GSC Client Attraction Systems is only $297 Set-Up Free, then $197 per month!
***after your first year your renewal fee is included!!***

Fully supported with a 24/7 Helpdesk!
You won't be left trying to figure out everything on your own.

Next Certification Training Begins: September 2024

We’re Accepting Applications!

Want an Early Bird Discount?

Class Schedule

Our next Training Begins September, 2024

All classes are pre-recorded so you can watch at a time that fits your schedule. This includes our
weekly lessons and any additional articles and videos.

As a working mom myself, I know how busy you are too! So I structured this basic training to be flexible –where you can work at your own pace and in your own free time…. whether it’s during nap time, your lunch break, after the kids are in bed or on the weekends…it’s up to you.

Every Thursday new class content will be available for you to review and the following week will be a LIVE Q&A class where you can ask me (and later my 0-5 month faculty) questions about that class content. You will have almost a week to review the content on your own time….wherever you are.

There will also be live classes with outside experts.

ALL CLASSES WILL BE RECORDED (so it’s 100% OK if you can’t show up for every class- although we highly encourage you to show up to as many as possible).


Once enrolled in the program a detailed schedule will be given to you. But for now here are some of the details and dates:

The first class is: Wednesday, September 18th

The last class is: Tuesday, November 26th

Exams are posted on December 6th 2024 and due on January 1st 2025. Weekly mentorship is available until the Advanced Program begins on January 15th.

How much does it cost to become a Gentle Sleep Coach?

Your total investment for the GSC Basic Training Program and the first year of the Advanced Program is:

$5995 Basic Training + First Year of the Advanced Program (required)  

-$300 Early bird discount (if you apply between August 15th and September 11th.
- the discount is $400
if you apply between July 15th and August 15th and                                                $500 if you apply before June 15th)

$5695 Total for approximately 15 months of training and mentorship.

Including bonuses as...

A copy of Kim's books and a digital copy of her Workbook.

Sleep consultation with Kim if you need to further tweak your own child’s sleep (valued at $500)

The GSC Basic Training is approximately 3 months of direct training from me, Kim West, The Sleep Lady AND my incredible team of outside experts to bring you additional specialty training in medical sleep disorders, postpartum depression, reflux, breastfeeding, working with 0-5 month olds and legal aspects of setting up a sleep coaching business!

All coaches who complete the basic training program requirements and pass the exam will begin the Advanced Program on January 15th 2026.

The Advanced program is required for ongoing certification and for access to the following benefits:

  • 24/7 access to the GSC community and membership site
  • Use of the GSC logo and business resources
  • Listing on the Sleep Lady directory of coaches
  • Promotion of your business by the Sleep Lady on FB and thru various Sleep Lady business ventures to bring you clients!
  • Weekly Mentorship (that’s 78 hours a year or over $15k at my hourly rate!)
  • 4 free Continued education classes offered (that’s an additional 6 hours of training)

We’re Accepting Applications!

Want an Early Bird Discount?


My Guarantee

If at any time prior to September 25th, you feel that the Gentle Sleep Coach Training Program isn’t the right fit for you, just send me an email and your tuition will be refunded minus your $500 deposit, no questions asked.

— Kim West, The Sleep Lady

what they say...


“...it has been a great investment so far and I’m glad that I jumped on the opportunity.”

I have really enjoyed learning from Kim. Not only are the classes very interesting and informative, but Kim has spent a lot of time making this training thorough.

 It has been a pleasant break from the every day routine for me and I have loved it. I hope that I can take all of this knowledge and help others. I feel like it has been a great investment so far and I’m glad that I jumped on the opportunity.

—Shana Del Castillo

Why Do I Need to Renew My Certification?

We don’t believe that “acting confident” is enough—

And we know from experience, once you work with enough families you will eventually come across a
situation that leaves you feeling stuck.

We’ve all been there…

That’s why we’ve included ongoing training AND access to ongoing mentorship with our founder, Kim West,
and certified coaches who have had a decade of experience as Gentle Sleep Coaches.

As of today, there is no official regulation for the sleep consulting

That means ANYONE with a laptop and wifi can start a sleep coaching training program with little to no
background or experience.

Like many health-related fields, we believe that continuing education contributes to a standard of
excellence among the coaches we train… and parents recognize that!

We created the Advanced Mentorship Program to maintain a
high level of quality training and competence to continue to
empower you with everything you need to thrive as a
Certified Gentle Sleep Coach®.

…And that means when our field becomes internally regulated (which it WILL), you will be fully prepared!

The Advanced Mentorship Renewal Options:

Year Renewal of Your Certification is $300 a year and includes:

  • ALL the benefits of the GSC Training including the use of the logo and material
    Access to LIVE mentorship one a week
  • Continued education trainings (6 hours a year are required)
  • Ongoing access to the support GSC Facebook group
  • Promotion opportunities with the Sleep Lady and brand partnerships

If you choose NOT to recertify you can still advertise that you were trained through our program BUT  you can no longer use the GSC logo or call yourself a certified Gentle Sleep Coach®.

If You See The Value In Ongoing Mentorship And Continued Education Then Apply Today!!!

We’re Accepting Applications!

Want an Early Bird Discount?

what they say...


“This class is exactly what I needed to get my dream off the ground.”

Kim has exceeded my expectations of this program. The speakers have been the best in the country and were able to tell us the key things we will need to better help our clients. 

Along with Kim's classes on sleep coaching, I have learned so much already! I have thoroughly enjoyed every class. This class is exactly what I needed to get my dream off the ground. It would have taken me years to get all of this knowledge together, not just the sleep and medical aspects but the business and legal side too. Thank you Kim!



“...how much it would change my own personal and professional life.”

A few years ago, I couldn't imagine how lucky I was to meet a GSC for the first time and how much it would change my own personal and professional life. I was so honored to be the first french GSC in 2018 ! During the initial training, I learned so much about sleep and children. 

I really feel this program is the best for me, specially because of the great balance between practice and theory. Now, I love brainstorming with the great GSC community on the facebook group and the webinars are so exciting and useful for our daily practice. The regular supervision with Kim West is the best value-added for me. Thank you!

—Laure Malgouyres