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Training and Certification Program

  • 1st Comprehensive Sleep Training Program
  • #1 Most Recognized Sleep Coach Trainer
  • Largest Sleep Coach Community Online
  • 130,000 books sold in 13 Countries and 4 Languages

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Become a Gentle Sleep Coach

Trained and Certified by The Sleep Lady®

Join me, Kim West, The Sleep Lady in my mission to transform the lives of sleepless parents and children all over the world.... with GENTLE, evidenced-based sleep advice!

I can’t possibly do that alone. There are too many sleepless babies and tired parents everywhere.

It is very important to me that exhausted parents get the best advice and most of all results AND…….

That the sleep coaches I train get the very best training possible and that they get as many clients as they want so they can have a successful business while having the biggest impact on the world and their communities.

So I created the most comprehensive gentle sleep coach certification program in the world.

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The next GSC Training will start in September, 2022.
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Program Overview


Basic Training

A four month interactive, online program with 80+ hours of training content and mentorship that will give you everything you need to start your business as a successful Gentle Sleep Coach. Class content will be delivered each week and there will be live Q and A classes for you to call in and ask your questions with me and the other faculty members.

Certification &
Advanced Mentorship

To receive your Gentle Sleep Coach certification and be eligible for all the benefits you must complete the Basic Training, pass the exam and begin to work with 3 pro-bono cases.

In the GSC Certification and Advanced Mentorship Program you will have:

  • Continued Clinical Group Mentorship
  • Ongoing Continued Education
  • Continued access to the membership site and the community social network
  • Business building opportunities

How much time to set aside?

I would count on approximately 90 minutes per class (some weeks there are up to 3 classes a week) in addition to the time it will take you to review the class content posted on the membership site. You will be able to review, read and work on the content in between classes.

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Your Start up Business Investment

It takes the right fit to be a successful GSC which is why I interview each potential candidate for the program and I do not accept all applicants. I look at this as the beginning of a long term working relationship with me and my brand.

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Feature Overview

When I started the first sleep coach training program over five years ago, I never dreamed that several other programs would be created after mine. I am truly flattered. I do, however, think it is important for you to know some of the key differences in my program from the others.

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