Done-for-You Website and Business Marketing Program

We know from 9 years of training sleep coaches that setting up your website, social media, in-person and digital marketing for your business can be overwhelming. This can quickly become your biggest obstacle to success. Not to mention if you don't feel comfortable with technology, graphic design, understand what to do so clients can find you online, etc.

That is why we have created the Done-for-You GSC Website and Business Marketing Program!


Over the years the feedback we have been given is that life is busy, and learning the skills it takes to be a GSC is demanding enough without having to learn new marketing and technical skills on top of that.

To help you with this we've created our DFY program to help you get your business out there, and the clients coming to your door. The DFY Website and Business Marketing Program gives you to all the resources, education and technical help you'll need.

  • Includes logo design for your new sleep coaching business
  • You don't have to try and figure out website hosting, templates, site development, or setting up your email
  • Onsite SEO means that your site can appear in the searches when parents are looking for your services
  • Assist you in setting up social media accounts AND cover image design for those accounts
  • Includes email marketing optin and four emails to build your list and start following up
  • You'll learn how to use Facebook for Business and Instagram for Business
  • You'll learn how to claim your Google Business Listing, and why this is vital
  • You'll learn how to create Value-Based Sleep Packages
  • You'll learn how to make passive income on your website using Amazon Affiliates
  • Ensure all items on the GSC Website Checklist have been completed
  • Your website will have priority approval for listing on the GSC Directory

You HAVE to have a website. Think of it as your online storefront.

There are over 612 Million websites currently competing on Google for the keyword "baby sleep help". That's a lot. It's hard to compete on your own. That's one of the reasons why we've created this additional business marketing program — so that you can stand out from the crowd and Get Found!

You have three options when getting started with your GSC business:

    That means you need to figure out how to design, build and launch your own website on a hosting platform. You'll also need to create your own logo. connect a payment gateway to your website, install Google Analytics to track your metrics, create an email marketing campaign, and create your own branded email address. You're responsible for meeting the GSC Directory Requirement Checklist before you can submit your business and site for approval.  You need to claim your Google Business Listing and correctly set up your social media accounts.
    It's not uncommon for a website build-out, SEO, and logo and social design and social media help with all these other technical elements to set you back close to $10,000 (or more)!
    (This is a limited time deal!)

"It was great to have Catherine to work with on my website while doing the GSC program - it allowed me to focus on the course content and not have to worry about whether I would have all the needed components, knowing she knew everything that needed to come together. She was exceedingly patient with my lack of knowledge of all things web-related and answered my millions of questions along the way. I finished my certification and was able to immediately launch my site - within a week I was contacted by someone who found me doing a Google search. I definitely recommend Catherine for building your website."

Diane Farkas Gentle Sleep Coach

Diane Farkas

This amazing Done-For-You Website and Business Marketing Program is only $1995 !

"I LOVE the website!  Several people have booked the 15-min consult online, and I have even booked 2 families who initially contacted me through the chatbox!  Thank you so much for all your help, I am so proud of sharing my website now."


Thank you!
Marie-Eve Gagnon

Certified Gentle Sleep Coach®

Hi there, I'm Catherine Trebble, and I'm here to support you.

I understand how overwhelming it can be; you want to launch your GSC business...
but it can be such a struggle to manage all the complexities of being online. Getting started with your website, figuring out social media, email marketing, how it all hangs together... the list goes on and on!

I know one thing to be true--trying to do everything yourself is TOO HARD! It's so much easier with the RIGHT support.

I know EXACTLY what it takes to get to get your expertise out into the market because I've been successfully supporting coaches and consultants just like you since 2012.

So here's the deal. You focus on helping families get the sleep they so badly need, and I'll support you by making your services look and sound AMAZING, get you up and running online and take care of all the frustrating technology for you.

All my best,