What to Look For in a Sleep Consultant Training Program

What to Look For in a Sleep Consultant Training Program


A colleague in the sleep profession sent me this list of questions for those looking to enroll in a sleep consultant training program. I thought it was well written and has many valid points. You may wish to keep these points in mind as you evaluate the Gentle Sleep Coach Training and Certification Program. Here it is:

Until recently, Child Sleep Consultant training programs have been limited with only a few offered world wide, however a number of training programs have popped up over the past few years. These programs vary greatly in their quality and intensity. Here are some tips for evaluating a training:

How long is the training program and what is involved?
The in-class portion of these trainings can vary from 8 hours to 65+ hours. Some programs will simply require you to sit in on the class whether live or on-line where others will have required assignments, an exam, and possibly a complete certification program. Many programs offer business information and support for starting a consulting business, while this portion of the training is important and useful it should cover considerably less time than issues related to sleep.

Who is teaching the class, what is their education and experience?
Anyone can teach a class or sell themselves as an expert. A good trainer will have years of practical experience working in the field. Look for multiple instructors, advanced degrees and real-time experience.

What sleep method do you teach? What is the general approach? Is the method adjustable to individual family needs? Is there more than one method that will be taught? Do you teach specific sleep training methods or address sleep in general terms?
Some training courses will give you a basic foundation of the principles involved with child sleep issues but will not teach you specifics on how to get a child sleeping through the night.

What subjects are addressed in the child sleep consultant training?

What age group will the course train me to work with?
6 months to 6 years is typical. Working with children younger and older can be more complicated and would require specialized training.

Upon completion of the course what will I be qualified to do?

Is there ongoing supervision, peer review or support?
This is invaluable….. Some programs offer little support while others will offer a year or more of supervision and continuing education.

What are the costs?
The costs of the course may not reflect the quality. Trainings may range from $500 to $12,500/course with some of the most comprehensive courses sitting in the middle.

Are there any on-going requirements after course completion to maintain my certification?

Can I contact some of the graduates of your training?

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  1. christy


    My question is, is the course accredited or credentialed by an oversight educational accreditation or credentialing body or outside of your coaching company?

    What accountability does the program author(s) and certifier possess to be able to “certify” someone as a true credentialed “expert” and not just be using the term “expert” as a marketing term?

    I am seeking a program of this caliber.

    • Kim_West


      I am a licensed clinical social worker (for 20 years) and am considered an expert. I can be an expert witness in court for example.

      Currently there is no accreditation or regulatory board for sleep coaches or consultants like there is for social workers for example.
      The sleep coaching field is relatively new, like life coaching was 15 years ago.

      My certification program has been filed with certification standards. I take very seriously the training of my coaches which is why I pay outside experts, medical doctors and psychologists who are experts in their field, to teach portions of the program.

      I don’t believe you will find a higher caliber program than the Gentle Sleep Coach Program.

      I am confident that if a regulatory board for sleep coaches is formed (which I would welcome) that the GSC program will pass with flying colors.

      Thank you for your comment.
      In service,


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