I Increased My Income by 30% By Becoming a GSC

The Gentle Sleep Coach training and certification program has proven to be a great business investment for me as I have increased business by almost 30% since completing the program.

Two of the main components that helped me do this were the intensive business training we received which helped me streamline my processes & allowed me to take on more clients by working more efficiently.

The second component was the detailed classes revolving around marketing & getting “out” there to build your business. I have added new workshops & classes to my services which have proven to be a significant income contribution to my business along with my consultations.

I have followed Kim’s work for many years and value her in depth philosophy regarding sleep. When she decided to launch her Gentle Sleep Coach Certification program, I was thrilled that FINALLY someone with a well-rounded approach to sleep and a reputable background would offer a professional program for those seeking more education in this profession.

The added bonus of learning & being mentored by one of the pioneers of Child Sleep Coaching was invaluable to me! The program exceeded all my expectations and has equipped me with a whole new level of value that I can now bring to the families I work with. Cases that had previously challenged me now make sense.

I can truly attest that this is the most comprehensive and well-rounded sleep training program available.

I highly recommend this program to anyone looking to work in this profession. Whether you are experienced (as I was) or looking to begin a new business – this is the BEST Child Sleep Training Certification program available.

Your investment will return tenfold & the satisfaction you receive from changing the lives of sleepless families will be priceless!”

Heather Irvine, GSC, Doula, Lactation Counselor
Her website is: http://goodnitebaby.com/